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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome Home, Daaneth!

Some of you may have seen Daaneth back in Second Life this week.  He's not snubbing you; he can't type!

Daaneth suffered a stroke last month and his recovery has been miraculous!  He is back home and doing well.  A speech therapist has been coming to work with him on his typing skills.

He can read your IM's and your notecards.  He has begun typing one or two word responses.
Daaneth sounds great, and he is able to use voice in SL.

Than you to all who have sent words of encouragement to Daaneth and to me!  The outpouring of love and support has been heartwarming.  I've saved every word.

I always remember to say prayers of Gratitude.  I remain ever grateful for the friendship and love of  my beautiful and loving Team mates, the Passionate, Compassionate, Redheads.

With Love,