The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trick or Treat for SpUnKy

Wow! I am still recovering from this fantastic event, which was held in the Enchanted Forest in the Southern Colorado sim this past Saturday. SpUnKy Young is a cancer survivor who has given so much of herself, despite her health problems. A few months ago, her laptop computer was damaged beyond repair while she was in the hospital. The laptop is her lifeline, since she is housebound.

I was honored when approached by Trader1 Whiplash; he asked if I could organize a fundraiser to help this wonderful young lady out. Thus was born Trick or Treat for SpUnKy - a 12 hour festival of music and fun!  The goal was to raise 250,000L for a new laptop and medical bills.
"Trick or Treat for SpUnKy" was co-sponsored by three Relay for Life teams: The Passionate Redheads, The Relay Wizards (SpUnKy's Team) and the Relay Rockers, as well as T-1 Radio (which provided the stream), and The Kingdom of Avalon.

We were delighted with the HUGE outpouring of support for SpUnKy: the kindness of our performers, all of whom donated their time; Bernice Kappler and Marilyn Whitfield, who donated items to be sold at the show; and the many generous people who attended the Event and dug deep into their pockets to make it possible for us to give SpUnKy a treat this Halloween.

The result? We raised 358,400L - about 1,375USD!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

We would also like to thank:
Shawna Montgomery for hosting parallel events with the Kingdome of Avalon; Woody Burliegh, who brought over some good friends to perform at the event; Skylark Lefavre for serving as a gracious Hostess; and Shockwave Yareach for scripting a very cool "Donations Thermometer" to help us visualize our goal.

A special thank you to Sabine McGettigan for transforming Southern Colorado into "Spooky Hollow" for the event, and especially for her unflagging support of All Things Fundraiser.

The calm before the storm...a great looking outdoor stage!

Redhead Monette Gaea opened the show for us and set the mood with her elegant music.

There were lots of cool costumes in evidence. Sexy and Scary and Cute, oh my!

Chris Walmer amazed us with his awesome keyboard work.

Musician Steely Decosta (and his ghostly skeletons) hanging out with his friend Tarina Sewell after his set

Witch Shawna Montgomery and Bixyl "The Bat" Shuftan. Bix stayed for the entire 12 hour event!

Redhead Alessandra Eberlain sang like an angel. Alessandra has always been first to lend her voice to a Cause.

The Highwayman, Daaneth Kivioq, dancing with the Faerie Sabine McGettigan.

Phemie Alcott channeling her inner Ballerina. It worked!

Skylark Lefavre dancing with Kiwi Wulluf.  Two gracious Ladies!

Lyndon Heart showing off his mad guitar skillz.  No Trick!

Bluemonk Rau sang the blues and tickled the ivories.  A real Treat for us!

Kim Seifert made a ghostly appearance on stage.  Kim is a proud supporter of Relay For Life all year in SL.

Chip Takacs blew us away with his vocals.

The littlest Redhead, Lomgren Smalls perched on the edge of the stage. He has his own chair!

Comedienne Lauren Weyland had us laughing madly for an entire hour, and raised extra money by taking "bets" on her daring outfit.

FunkyFreddy Republic closed out the show with a bang!