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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bid Me Human!

Our sweet foxy SL News Reporter, Bixyl Shuftan, volunteered himself for our Bid Me Human event in Southern Colorado on Friday night.

He reached Human status within the first 15 minutes of bidding, raising L$5000 for the first week of Human-ness and L$1000 per additional day.  The total raised was L$29,000, and Bixyl will be Human for a month!

Special thanks to Nuala Maracas for rescuing us when our DJ was detained.  While Nuala has her own team, the Relay Rockers, she showed her true Spirit of Relay by heading over on a moment's notice to help our team.  She then spent two hours playing some wonderful music, while bringing over many of her own teammates for our Event. 

We all had a great time taking turns sitting in Lomgren's Transmogulator, built just for this event.  I hope we'll get a chance to use it again soon!  What a great team we have! 

Daan and Sabine with Transmogulator
A big crowd!

And there's our Bixyl in his oh, so handsome Human Form!
With Love,

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