The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Purple Passion Party

To celebrate Paint the Grid Purple Week The Passionate Redheads are holding a Purple Passion Party May 5th 18:00pmSLT at The Dove with DJhawksong Cukor, an experienced DJ from Florida, USA. This DJ has a huge collection of rock n' roll -> come request your favorites! Invite your friends and donate generously to the kiosks!! At choose Nydia's Club The H.M.A.S. Little Dove and teleport right into the party!! Wear your purple!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mark your calendars!

Plan to attend the Purple Passion Masked Ball on Thursday, April 8 from 6:00pmSLT to 8:00pmSLT. DJ Shockwave will be spinning the tunes at Club Cutlass for this event. This event is formal, so please wear your tuxedos, ballgowns, and don't forget to where a mask! Come support your team at this event and donate generously to the kiosk!!

The BIG news is Sabine leads us all with Convio gifts. She has raised $520.00 towards our goal. Our team has $540 in Convio funds thus far. Don't forget to advertise the American Cancer Society Site among your friends and coworkers, especially those not on Second Life. Our Convio team page is accessible 24/7 by clicking -> Here.
We are currently the Convio team leaders. Let's keep it that way!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Passionate Team

What a Blessed Easter I had! I hope all of you were able to enjoy time with family and friends, as I did.

Our Team is off and running in a magical way! Team members have been planning and hosting events of their own choosing, building, and creating items to sell. We have been blessed with talented and creative team members who are an incredible source of inspiration to me and to every team in the Relay for Life.

My heart is filled with joy whenever I think about our little Family of Passionate Redheads (which is most of the time) and all the extraordinary team effort that's going to help us fund the CURE!

Because of your hard work and dedication, research funded by the American Cancer Society is able to bring new hope to cancer victims all over the world. I'm proud to be a part of the solution, and I am honored to work with the most passionate and remarkable team in Relay for Life!

With Love and Gratitude,

Friday, April 2, 2010

President's Party with the Redheads

Join The Redheads at our President's Party with DJ Taila on April 13th, 21:00pmSLT at the H.M.A.S. Little Dove. -->
DJ Taila hails from Germany. The above video is a sample of his work. Come party with The Redheads to hear more!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Back Events!

Tonight we were honored with TWO fundraisers!
Joaquin Gustav's concert was amazing! I'm always humbled when a talented artist donates time for our team's efforts; it was lovely to see so many Passionate Redheads attending. Thank you, Joaquin and Maria, for a lovely evening, and for the generous donations to the ACS!

Afterward, Joseph Montagne graciously opened up his Lodge for our team and friends. We had so much fun seeing old friends, and raised a lot of Lindens in the process! Thank you Joseph! The Fez is Forever!