The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Take Care of Our Own

Registration started today, so we're getting things sorted out.  It seems most Team Members have stayed on another year (yay!) and we have wonderful talent to help in the Fundraising.

I'll be adding updated names to the lists, and remember to invite your friends to join us.  We really DO take care of our own, for six years running.  Let's continue to take good care of each other, and the fundraising will follow.

Let's move around and find some good spots for our Kiosks.  This year we're considering placing Kiosks right next to a Vendor, making it easy for patrons to contribute and to buy cute things exclusive to Relay!

With Love and Gratitude,

Your Sabine

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Passionate Redheads Team Meeting 2-3-2012

DollEyes Barbosa asked if we will get kiosks to use at our private - yes we will Doll.
Daan had two agenda items:
1.  Once warm weather arrives, Sabine will be stepping back a bit from her duties as Captain to spend more time with her family although she will still be involved with planning such, and of course she will be at major events.   It is more important than ever to run things by one of the other co-captains first.
2.  Sabine and Daaneth will be speaking at an RFL meeting on Saturday, March 3rd at 4PM SLT.  They were invited because our team has been together such a long time with such positive team members.   We hope you can all attend.
Edith wondered if someone could make pocket watches to go the RFL theme.     Elphias Kojishi knows a clockmaker & OraSine Resident makes jewelry & Shockwave Yareach can make a pocket watch.  OraSine thought an hourglass necklace for the women and a pocket watch type hourglass for the guys would be good.
BryanR Rickena noted that the tentative schedule is:
March 10--Kick Off
March 10-22--Fashion For Life
April 21-29--Fantasy Faire
May 12-13--Halfway There Fair
May 12-20--Paint SL Purple
May 19-28--Home and Garden Expo
July 14-15--Relay Weekend
Campsite theme suggestions so far are:
            Alice in Wonderland  
            Giant herb garden :Thyme for a Cure

Edith thought about the store.  She said we each could think of one thing we can make for the store.  Daan noted someone would have to run the store.  Daan will be asking a volunteer to run the store; it does not have to be a co-captain, just someone with time to do it.

The meeting was quick and painless.  Meeting minutes are posted to the group and on the blog, where there also is a Google calendar at the bottom.  The blog also contains links to the Redhead store and last year’s convio site.