The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here are some totally unofficial, off-the-cuff ideas for helping The Passionate Redheads move up to ladder:
1. Contact EVERY group owner of EVERY group to which you belong. I did and sent each one an IM like this:
"If you haven't already, would you consider placing a kiosk [name of venue], for the Passionate Redheads Team of The Relay for Life of Second Life? The team would greatly appreciate it. Just IM Daaneth Kivioq, our cocaptain. I also have kiosks, but lack any knowhow.
We are also looking for people/venues who would be interested in holding fundraising events. Such an event would be just like any event you put on now, except money raised would be donated to the Passionate Redheads team of the Relay for Life. You may IM Daaneth Kivioq or Sabine McGettigan (the captains of our team) if you need any clarifications.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for your time."
In just one afternoon I got three kiosks placed. (Some people weren't online and will receive their IMs when they log in)

2. If you own, manage, direct, or perform at a venue ASK and get those kiosks out. I was at two venues today where I have seen kiosks in the past and there were none!

3. Post information about RFLofSL on blogs, nings, Twitter, Plurk . Include hyperlinks to offline donations (if you need them, IM me). Advertise us to your coworkers, schoolmates, church friends, coffee buddies, and neighbors.

4. If you own, work at, or possess the skills that dressmakes, artists, or SL builders have --> you are valuable!! We need a store owned by a Redhead that could sell Redhead gear to ungifted people like me!

5. Approach the venue of your choice with your zany fundraising idea & (like Nike says) just do it!
A. A Redhead Cruise under the stars
B. A Redhead Circus under the Bigtop
c. A Redhead Diner Car Ride on the Orient Express
D. A Redhead Gallery Opening (paintings, ceramics, photos, ?)
E. A Redhead Royal TeaParty or MadHatter Tea Party
(enough of my zany ideas..)

6. Gather after another event, like the Giant Snail Races on Saturday, March 20th at 2pm (I would doublecheck that time) the team could gather somewhere for a time of community building.
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