The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Redheads Rule!!

In one day we have shot up from 20th place - to 9th! WHOHOO!!

Here are the top ten teams:
BOSL Relay TeamL$353668
Friends Fighting CancerL$337012
Relay RaidersL$328442
Goreans in the Relay For LifeL$184996
Rezzed TV RelayersL$154055
RELAY for HOPEL$122058
Mountain Poetry Gallery WalkersL$109384
Cure ChasersL$94165
Passionate RedheadsL$60670
Relay Wizards For SpUnKyL$57010

We also broke 60K - about which is about $230 - That's almost as much as we made the whole first year we did Relay!


  1. If we can get a few people to collect money on the Convio website, our team will get credit. I think I got $250 last year from outside sources, but there's a problem getting receipts from the ACS. Also, your RL identity has to be revealed, and Second Lifers don't always appreciate that. I have spoken to Stingray and so far we have not found a solution to the problem of "outing" donors.

  2. What is the Convio site? I don't care if you all remember who I am or not.