The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Friday, July 16, 2010


We have worked very hard all year, and raised nearly $6,000 USD. Now it all come down to the final event - Relay Weekend, July 17th-18th. The Track is open now, so come on down, but opening ceremonies are Saturday at 10am.

I am so very proud of each an every one of you. Come and explore our amazing campsite, and all the other fantastic builds. This is your reward for all that work!

(Above - The Entrance to our camp, "A Redheaded Fairy Tale"
Left to right, Redheads Madison, Leala, Sabine, Dusk & Shockwave,
Guests Ghandi (far left) and Noki (far Right) )

Below: Redheads Gather!
Jerusha, Madison, Leala, Rita, Daan, Lomgren (under the arrow), Osiloa, Bixyl, Sabine, Dusk, Shockwave, and guest Noki

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