The Passionate Redheads Relay for Life


Monday, January 30, 2012

New Season, New Music

I put some new music in which I find inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it and crank up the sound! 

Don't forget to be jotting down your own ideas for fundraising this Relay Season.  Go Passionate!

With Love,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Passionate Redheads Team Meeting

The Redheads held a great team meeting this evening to discuss the impending Relay season. The theme this year is “Time for a Cure”. We kicked around some preliminary ideas for a campsite around the TimeMachine theme with possible steampunk costumes.

We have four co-captains this year: Sabine, Daan, Dusk, and Lomgren.  Bryan also reported he was available to answer questions when they arise.

Themed dances as money raisers were suggested: 40s jazz dance, a 50s flapper dance, a 60s rock dance, a 70s disco dance, and so on.  Lom reminded us not to be afraid to hold events, just make sure that one of the captains is contacted so it gets into the event boards. It’s helpful if we also remember to get it on SL's events list online. It was further discussed that we should remember to support other teams by attending their events.  It means a lot to see other teams coming over to support each other in their fundraising efforts.

Sabine reminded us that in the spirit of Relay, the Passionate Redheads will again be sponsoring informational meetings for anyone from any team. Several successful Team Captains have agreed to come over and share some ideas with us already.

Daaneth reminded us promote the team blog at . He will be sending out Redhead Goodie bags as Relay time approaches.  Bryan has built a Redheads museum and urges all team members to visit. The slurl is .

Finally, Relay for Life is changing groups, so please join the new chat, Relay For Life Volunteers. SL RFL for Life will soon be discontinued. Technorati tags: